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Andrei Kucherov

Cloud Architect

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About me

An accomplished Software Engineer and Team Leader with extensive experience in the full life cycle of the software design process including requirements definition, prototyping, proof of concept, design, implementation, testing and maintenance. Over twenty years experience as a software developer, ten years as a solutions architect. Strong analytical skills combined with experience in different programming languages and techniques. Skilled at progressing from problem definition to well-documented application system designs. Compatible team player through complete project cycle, testing, and implementation.


Melbourne, VIC

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Professional Skills

Cloud Computing

AWS Certified Solutions Architect with real experience in building commercial information systems.

Projects Management

Agile Practitioner who built a few startup teams. I have experiences to manage in-house and outsourced teams.

Software Development

Above 20 years career of a software developer, knowledge in many programming languages. Real participate in developing software now.

Active Certifications

Other Skills

Node.js Python C# HTML JavaScript XML/XSLT SQL Erlang Microsoft SQL Server CouchDB Mnesia MySQL Blockchain technologies Solidity

Work Experiences

  • Authenticateit Pty Ltd

    Systems Architect

    Authenticateit offers a powerful new method to enable consumers and brands to work together to identify and stop the sale of counterfeit products in these legitimate retail situation.

    Shping ( is a new project which includes all Authenticateit functions but moves main accent from serialization of products to deliver marketing information to consumers using their social profile. Also the project uses blockchain technologies (Ethereum smart contracts) for rewards campaigns.

    In 2018 Shping conducted an ICO, technically it was done without any serious issues. Now Shping ecosystem is implemented as three clusters which are hosted in AWS Australia, Alibaba Cloud (Chinese users) and Selectel (Russian users). It supports more than 5K rewards transactions per day. The developing team works using Agile methodology, provides CI/CD.

    As a CTO is responsible for developing, enhancing, and deploying company's IT systems. Ensures execution of company's business goals and strategies.

    • Responsible for HR for technical team
    • Responsible for the performance of the technical team
    • Responsible for the quality of code and other work performed by the technical team

    As a Systems Architect is responsible for determining multiple design alternatives, assessing such alternatives based on all identified constraints and selecting the most suitable options for further design. Responsible for providing implementation requirements, deploying strategy, system documentation. Responsible for developing prototypes and MVP for new services.

    Initially I have started to work for Authenticateit as a sole developer, built a base of the system and in parallel I formed the team which now supports and enhances of the Authenticateit service.

    The following languages and technologies have been used for the Authenticateit and Shping ecosystems:

    Erlang Node.js Xamarin .Net Core Framework React.js MySQL CouchDB AWS Docker Swarm Ethereum Solidity
  • Mobile Research Centre

    Systems Architect

    Mobile Research Centre provides services of market research in the Russian mobile market. They used field forces and had the idea to visualize field forces collected information in real time. The project name was VFF (Visualization Field Forces). It’s a web-based application for visualization of field forces working. It shows on Google Map or on Openstreetmap moving field forces, shows summary information about completed visits.

    I collected and analyzed business requirements, designed system architecture, built development team, released the application and presented it to stakeholders.

    The project used ExtJS 4 as UI framework and Erlang as server side part.

  • KMS Software Company

    Director of Dev Services
    Software Engineer
    Los Angeles / Izhevsk

    KMS is a startup company that has implemented the product XpressHR™ OnBoarding (now it’s SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding). XpressHR™ OnBoarding is a robust stand-alone or integrated web-based application (ASP.NET) that enables organizations to transform applicants into productive employees by fully automating the time consuming tasks of processing new hires. XpressHR™ OnBoarding seamlessly integrates with any existing infrastructure to deliver a dynamic document and process management solution, resulting in cost savings, increased productivity and a positive onboarding experience.


    • Manage the Core Application Development group.
      • Manage the process of developing new versions.
      • Discuss, offer new features which could make the application better.
      • Perform the planning, design, development, testing, implementation and systems analysis for all new functions and features for XpressHR software applications.
      • Develop processes to ensure on time delivery of new releases.
      • Develop processes to ensure clean bug free code
      • Tools Development
      • Develop new productivity tools for the development, implementation and support teams to use.
    • Recruiting
      • Build KMS presence in local universities for recruiting opportunities
      • Attend university functions, including speaking engagements
      • Assist in the development and content of the recruiting site
      • Interview and screen potential candidates for all departments
      • Work with the other department leads for recruiting requirements
    • Provide technical training services.
      • Cross-train and mentor technical skills of KMS Russia members.
      • Configure a process of permanent improving technical skills for team members.
      • Review technical skills of team members. Assist in making performance plans of employees.
      • Test technical skills on interviews of candidates.

    In 2005 I started to work for KMS Software Company as a sole developer, built a base of the product and formed the team. In 2011 when the company was bought by SAP the local development team had more than 20 programmers, testers and business analytics.

    The following languages and technologies have been used for XpressHR™ OnBoarding: ASP.NET Framework (1.1, 2.0, 3.5), MS SQL Server, MS SSIS

  • Independent Contractor

    Software Engineer

    During that period I worked as an independent contractor on various outsource projects. At least I would like to say about C-Gator is the system of content management (CMS) that allows to easily and efficiently create and support simple sites and Internet shops as well as complex corporate internet/intranet systems. I made full administrative UI, ASP.NET user custom controls ("decorators"). Tools and technologies used: ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003, Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

  • High Technologies Center

    Senior Software Developer

    High Technologies Center is a software development company that provides outsourced services as for the local market and for overseas companies.


    • Design and development of desktop applications using VB6 programming tools.
    • Design and development of several web-based software systems to serve clients’ business needs using J2EE and .NET platforms.
    • Design and supervision of development of distributed workflow applications using different workflow engines (including StaffWare, Ultimate, and a few others)

    Responsibilities included:

    • Business requirements analysis.
    • Application architecture design.
    • Workflow design and implementation (StaffWare, Ultimate, etc.)
    • Database design and implementation (MS SQL Server).
    • Application code implementation and support (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, JAVA)
    • Participating in meetings with clients to discuss and requirements and provide possible solutions

    Web Programmer


    Development of Internet sites. PHP, Perl, Linux. In 1999 I implemented and started the first internet shop (elemir) in the region.


A high school class of deep learning in mathematics

Izhevsk school #30
1988 - 1990

Bachelor Degree in Applied Mathematics

Udmurtia State University
1990 - 1995

Post-graduate course of mathematical logic

Udmurtia State University
1995 - 1998


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